Our Experience Lived to Your Journey: Together, We Navigate.

Direct Representation of Children


“As a former foster child, I spent nearly a decade in foster care until I aged out at 21 years old. I remember having to figure out how to make a resume, apply for jobs, submit college applications, and look for apartments—all while figuring out what I’m going to do when I age out of foster case without my case planner, foster parent, or foster care agency

there to fall back on. It was scary. There were many unknowns, but I planned, stay focused, and got it done. This is what I offer to our adolescents and young adults clients—lived experience. I’ve been there. I get it. Let’s get it done for you too.” Arique Dross III, Managing Attorney.

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While the majority of court proceedings are initiated by an adult or a government agency, decisions made during or at the conclusion of cases may affect the wellbeing and rights of a child too. Whether it’s a court deciding which parent a child should reside with in a custody dispute, services a child needs in a child neglect, abuse, or foster care related proceeding, or a child’s position on visitation, and so much more—a child has a voice too. A voice that should be heard and zealously advocated for just as an adult would be.