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Child Custody & Visitation


A parent has the fundamental right to the care and custody of their child. This includes, among others, the right to raise their child, the right to make decisions for their child, and the right to visit with their child. There are numerous factors the court will consider in determining what is in a child’s best interest before issuing a final order of custody and visitation including, the ability of the parents to cooperate with one another, the willingness of a parent to encourage the parent-child relationship with the other parent, any prior incidents of domestic violence, the financial means of both parents, any history of neglect or abuse, etc. Cases may even resolve because of mediation or negotiation when the court approves an agreement consented to by both parents. After the initial child custody determination is made, a parent may later have grounds to file an enforcement, violation, or modification petition.

If you’re not a parent, you may still have the right to seek custody or visitation with a child after proving you have standing to do so. If you do not prove standing, your case will likely be dismissed.  

In any case, certain legal criteria must be met which is why it’s important to consult with an attorney before filing any petition in court.  

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What can The Dross Law Firm Do For You

The thought of your child in foster care is terrifying—yet alone the thought of losing rights to your child—and navigating the complexities of the child welfare system is cumbersome. That’s why you need real experience—both in and out of the courtroom. “As a former foster child, former kinship foster parent, former ACS prosecutor, and current parent, I offer clients something most attorneys simply cannot: insight. As a child, I’ve been to many places where ACS houses children including ACS’ Children’s Center, various foster homes, group homes, a residential treatment center, and even several kinship homes. As a therapeutic foster parent, I completed parenting and various child-rearing classes, and complied with home visits and foster care agency directives. As an ACS prosecutor, I’ve been on the inside, assessing cases of abuse or neglect, reviewing evidence and determining what is sufficient or needed, advising CPS and foster care agency case planners on what steps to take, and expending hundreds of hours preparing and presenting cases to the court. At The Dross Law Firm, we can actually relate to our clients, thereby enabling us to provide practical solution-based representation on a different level. Our clients matter, their family matters, and therefore lived experience matters.” – Arique Dross III, Managing Attorney.